Embroidered Golden Honey Bee Patch

Embroidered Golden Honey Bee Patch

  • SKU: EP-10149
  • Patch Type: Iron-on
  • Size: | W: 6.3 cm | H: 4.0 cm | 63×40 mm
  • The minimum order must be of 100 Embroidered Patches.
  • The price is included with shipping charges.
  • Once the order is placed, It will be delivered within 14 to 16 working days.

The general classification of any honey bee starts with their queen, then comes the drones and finally, comes the worker bees. They are widely known for being the super pollinators for flowers, fruits, and vegetables. This Embroidered Golden Honey Bee Patch is created with all the intricate details for all those individuals who want to showcase their passion their for bees.


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