Colorful Embroidered WOW! Patch

Colorful Embroidered WOW! Patch

  • SKU: EP-10395
  • Patch Type: Iron-on
  • Size: | W: 3.1 cm | H: 4.7 cm | 31×47 mm
  • The minimum order must be of 100 Embroidered Patches.
  • The price is included with shipping charges.
  • Once the order is placed, It will be delivered within 14 to 16 working days.

Numerous interjections are used in exclaiming the excitement of individuals. However, none of them can top the good old’ WOW exclamation. It has been various embroidery patches. Similarly, keeping that same taste, this Colorful WOW Patch is created that enhances the beauty of your fabric.


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